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Are You LinkedIn?

500 Million Reasons Why You Should Be

With 500 million members1, LinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional network on the Internet. With that many members, if you are not currently on AND regularly interacting on LinkedIn, then you are missing out on great opportunities to grow your business and your career.

Think about it: How much would you pay to network with hundreds of professionals in your field, potential prospects, and potential employers/employees whenever it was convenient for you? Many professionals will tell you that the best benefit they get from going to a networking conference (which can cost anywhere from couple hundred dollars to several thousand) was getting to talk freely with other professionals and /or meeting new prospective customers and employers/employees.

On LinkedIn, you can do this all for free, at your own convenience, and with significantly more knowledge of who you are talking with. It’s like walking around at a business conference with every person’s resume displayed above their head and you have a GPS that can identify and locates the exact people you want to meet.

In summary, you can use LinkedIn to accomplish any of the following:

  1. Network with other professionals in your field
  2. Retain ability to contact previous co-workers, clients, and other people in your professional life even when they change jobs, emails, or phone numbers.
  3. Learn more about the professional abilities of people you know personally.
  4. Identify new people in your field that you would like to network with and connect with them via mutual connections or by paying for LinkedIn Premium.
  5. Identify potential clients, employers, or employees.
  6. Exchange ideas, build a reputation, and gain awareness yourself or your business via original articles on business topics or sharing relevant 3rd party articles.
  7. Discuss current professional challenges and topics with other professionals in LinkedIn groups.

Are you ready to join LinkedIn or start using it more effectively? Watch for next week’s article where we’ll discuss five key tips and actions you should take to get the most out of LinkedIn. For more tips on how to effectively market your business, follow this blog or follow me on social media.

1 Aslam, Salman “LinkedIn by the Numbers: Stats, Demographics & Fun Facts” published January 1, 2018, on

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